Bancroft Blast 4/12/2021

E-mail blast

Information for tomorrow, Tuesday, April 13th is in GREEN

Cohort B EK-3rd/Sp. Ed 1st-6th - April 8th, School starts

Cohort A Ek-3rd/Sp. Ed. - April 13th, School starts

Cohort B 4th-6th - April 15th, School starts

Cohort A 4th-6th - April 20th, School starts


Return to School

WE are so EXCITED to have so many of our students returning to school! 

 Below is the return schedule:

Thursday, April 8th – EK-3rd grades and 1st-6th Special Ed Cohort B

Tuesday, April 13th – EK-3rd grades and 1st-6th Special Ed Cohort A

Thursday, April 15th – 4th-6th grades Cohort B

Tuesday, April 20th – 4th-6th grades Cohort A

Monday’s will remain Distance Learning for all students

Cohort A attends Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Cohort B attends Thursdays and Fridays


Early Kindergarten hours will be 8:15AM -11:15AM

Kindergarten through 3rd grade, and all Special Ed grades will be 8:00AM-11:00AM

4th through 6th grade 8:00AM-11:00AM**

(** NEW TIME!** – Please note some of these times are subject to change)


For a step-by-step video please be sure to check out the Beaver Den at our website,

Returning to school procedures: parents may not exit their cars, adults will be at the flagpole to direct students, one entrance ONLY through the cafeteria, temperature/health checks, face coverings, social distancing on the playground, exterior hand washing stations. If picking up meals exit through the cafeteria, except Kindergarten will exit through their gates, and Early Kinder will exit at the Room 7 gate, all others exit the gate at Room 7, or the new gate at the backside of Room12.  Please discuss with your student where you will be picking them up, They need to keep their backpack with them as parents MAY NOT EXIT their cars.


Runny Noses/Seasonal Allergies

We have been informed by SCUSD Health Services when a student goes through the morning health screening and indicate they have a runny nose, sneezing, and /or coughing due to seasonal allergies they MUST have a verification from their doctor on-file with the office.The verification must include the student’s name, birthdate and verification signed by the doctor’s office stating that the symptoms are due only to seasonal allergies. The note may be sent to the office at or through the teacher.

  If a note is not on file the student will be sent home.