Are You Ready for Distance PE?



For distance PE, students will go to Miss Pam’s PE Zoom meeting at the beginning of each PE class, then to the PE Google Classroom.



To go to Zoom PE:

  1. Click to go to the Clever portal.

  2. Find Miss Pam’s PE Class Page in your Clever account (every Bancroft student has one).

  3. Click on the Zoom meeting icon to go to your Zoom PE meeting with Miss PAM.

    • Your  Zoom meeting Pass code is in the announcement at the top of your  PE Clever page. It is case sensitive.

​To join PE Google Classroom:

  • After your first Zoom PE meeting, join Miss Pam’s PE Google Classroom by…
    • Clicking on the PE Google Classroom icon on your Clever PE page.
      The code to join the PE Google Classroom is: 4xif4qg


Contact Ms. Pam