Bancroft Blast 4/15/2021

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Dates For Your Calendar 

 Intra/Inter District Permit Applications - April 1st-May 3rd

Open Enrollment On-Line Registration – April12th-23rd

Cohort B 4th-6th - April 15th, School starts

Cohort A 4th-6th - April 20th, School starts

Family Dine-Out Night - April 29th  Leatherby’s


Stay Home and Return to School Requirements

Please see the attached flyer from the District regarding illness now that so many students are physically back to school.  Briefly, if a student is scheduled to be “In Person” but are sick they must be 24 hour fever free w/o medication AND symptoms have improved AND have a negative Covid test (available for students through the school if needed)  OR a doctor provides a note for alternative diagnosis OR 10 days have passed since the first symptoms appeared.  Please refer to the flyer for more detail.


Runny Noses/Seasonal Allergies

We have been informed by SCUSD Health Services when a student goes through the morning health screening and indicate they have a runny nose, sneezing, and /or coughing due to seasonal allergies they MUST have a verification from their doctor on-file with the office.The verification must include the student’s name, birthdate and verification signed by the doctor’s office stating that the symptoms are due only to seasonal allergies. The note may be sent to the office at or through the teacher.

  If a note is not on file the student will be sent home


FREE Meals

Just a reminder grab-n-go free breakfasts and lunches are available for any SCUSD student.

Meals may be picked up at the end of the school day in the cafeteria, Tuesday through Friday.

Free, curbside meals will be available to all enrolled SCUSD and associated charter students each Monday to cover their nutritional needs during their distance learning days.  Parents must show proof of enrollment for curbside pick-up.


Traffic Safety

Please have your student(s) enter and exit your vehicle at the inside curb,  not in the driveway. Look for new traffic flow signage!!