Bancroft Blast Newsletter March 20, 2019

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No Running for Rhett Today!



Minimum days will continue through Friday, March 22nd. Primary will be dismissed at 12:10 PM, intermediate at 12:20 PM, our Thursday dismissal will be at the minimum day times.  Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria but must immediately be picked up or go to their supervised after school program.


Job Posting – Noon Duty

We are looking for people to help with noon duty at lunchtime.  It is an hour and a half per day, paid position.  You will need to go to the district website, to apply.


After School

There are MANY after-school programs at Bancroft every day.  Starting immediately after dismissal, these activities end at various times.  If students are not signed up for one of these programs, they must leave campus right away after school. Unsupervised students are not allowed on campus while school-related activities are in session. This means not before 6:00 p.m. on school days, or Saturday mornings during Saturday School. If your child IS in an after-school activity, he/she needs to go home when the activity has ended. So please, ensure necessary arrangements have been made so your child is picked up on time.  


The Big Yellow Bin

Please DO NOT put styrofoam or any type of packing materials in the yellow dumpster (including bubble wrap, spongy wrap, packing peanuts, sheets of padding material, air pods, etc.)  An entire container of material will be discarded by the recycle company if it contains these types of  “disqualifying” materials.  


Lost and Found

If you are on campus please be sure to check the LOST AND FOUND!  The items are currently on the backside of the cafeteria in bins.


For Your Calendar

Minimum Days -   March 21st and 22nd

Family Dine Out Night - Panda Express March 28th, 4-9 PM

Student Council Spirit Day - Animal theme, March 29th

School Site Council - April 9th, 5:30

Beaver Dash - April 12th