List of Additional Online Learning Resources


About these links:

  • They’re organized by subject and numbered for easy reference.
  • They’re a combination of online learning opportunities from our Bancroft list and our SCUSD District Web Site list


  1. Math Learning Center - free math apps K-5
  2. Math Playground – math games for skills practice K-6
  3. Math Games - math games for skills practice PreK-8
  4. Prodigy - math games to learn and practice math skills PreK-8
  5. Stanford Online Learning Course 4-12
  6. MathPreK-CalculusIXL Math – gain fluency with Math skills
  7. Illustrative Mathematics – rigorous math tasks by grade level and domain. Click on the “Free Resources” tab to access MathK-12
  8. – online basic fact practice

English/Language Arts

  1. Accelerated Reader Bancroft login. Bancroft Renaissance ID:  RP-17396956
  2. Storybird – reading, writing, and creating your own book or comic. K-12
  3. ELAK-12 Teaching Books - engaging set of resources that bring books to life. 
  4. ELAK-12 ReadWriteThink – resources to help students read and write
  5. ELAPreK-8 Literacy Ideas – multi-day reading and writing activities
  6. ELAK-5 Parent Question Stems for ELA – standards-based reading questions (for both informational and literary texts) that parents can discuss with their children after reading


  1. Mystery Science – engaging full and mini lessons K-5

  2. Lawerence Hall of Science – a variety of games and activities K-5
  3. – coding projects that students can create at home K-12
  4. Science1-12Scratch – create stories, games and animations with coding
  5. Environmental Curriculum - Several environmental curriculum choices,
  6. with lesson plans to use at home. Science1-12
  7. Ingenium - online game focused on the
  8. environment and sustainability Science1-8
  9. Climate Kids - online game focused on the
  10. environment and sustainability 1-8
  11. Energy Kids - online game focused on the
  12. environment and sustainability 1-8
  13. Learning for Sustainability - online game focused on the
  14. environment and sustainability 1-8
  15. Ollie’s World - online game focused on the
  16. environment and sustainability 1-8

Additional Learning Sites

Below are free educational websites that can be used to further support learning for all grades. 

  • Khan Academy (PreK-12) – Click the blue tab at the top for guidance for learning during school closure.
  • Scholastic Learn at Home (PreK-8) – Day-by-day projects students can enjoy at home.
  • Sacramento Public Library (PreK-12) – All the library has to offer. 
  • Kahoot! Study at Home (PreK-8) – Learning games 
  • PBS Kids (PreK-6) – Daily activities and games 
  • Starfall (Pre K-3) – Activities and games 

Met Kids – explore everything the Met museum has to offer virtually 9-12